In the storm

There’s few things I hate more than having to go out and about in rain. The cold and wet rain overstimulate this autistic mommy. All I can focus on is that I’m cold and wet, and I don’t like to be cold and wet. The real life things become distractions and I am irritable. One Saturday morning I was standing on my porch, enjoying my cup of coffee while watching a massive storm rip through my backyard. There was turbulent thunder and luminous lightening across the sky. I could smell the delightful scent of rain while it pounded the roof. It was beautiful, much more so than how I can describe it. I was in awe of the magnificent orchestra that my Lord was directing in my very own backyard. I began meditating on the difference of being in the storm vs. watching the storm. While in the storm, I don’t see the amazing wonders, sounds, sights, or smells. Inside the storm I am only abundantly aware of the cold, wet rain.

In life we encounter many storms. In fact, I currently am in a storm. I don’t see all the amazing things that many of my supportive friends and family see. I see the challenges and difficulties, and that I don’t like challenges and difficulties. I realized how important it is to take a step back, onto the porch, whenever possible so that I can see the wonders and beauty within the storm.

Sometimes I can’t find my way out. So I reach up (prayer) and out (friends and family). I am never disappointed. I think this blog will help me process this journey that I am on. Maybe one day it will serve as a map through someone else’s storm. Blessings!

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