Walk on Water?!?

I don’t want to get out of the boat! The boat is safe, it’s warm and dry, predictable, makes sense, is most logical. I don’t like to get wet and I hate cold. Besides walking on the water is absurd! What are the statistical chances of someone actually walking on the water? I could get wet, drown, fall, get hypothermia. Now, forget about me, you want me to send my child out of the boat? Shouldn’t there be a clause in that command? Like, no kids allowed outside the boat? Even though I hate the cold and wet, I’ll go! Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it, just leave the kid in the nice, safe, dry, predictable boat. What? Trust you? Well, of course I do! I told you I would get out of the boat…why do you have to involve the kids? Well, of course I know you love them more than I do, I just, well, couldn’t you just take them on a more predictable path? I just don’t feel comfortable with unpredictable. I just don’t feel safe. Well, could you put floaties on them just in case? Well, I know you can protect them. But what if they die? Then they won’t be with me here. I will miss them. Well, of course, they may live to do amazing things. You want to show how amazing you are through their life? Well, yes, I know there are many who don’t believe in you. Of course, I want them to see what you can do. Ok, Lord, but it won’t be easy. I may cry. It might be messy and UNPREDICTABLE. And to be honest, I’m scared. 

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