Products and Services

On this page, I will be selling 2 things.

  1. I enjoy creating and designing chore/motivational charts that are specific to kids and their special interests. I have pictures below of a sample of one I made for my son. I intend to sell and even custom make digital forms for a fee.
CC loves golf

2. I will be creating some kintsugi (“golden joinery”) also known as kintskuroi (“golden repair”) art and selling some of the pieces that I make. In Japan when pottery broke, they didn’t throw it away. Instead, they joined the broken pieces back together again using gold. This made the broken useless pottery more beautiful and valuable than before. I have many scars. I could waste my hurts by doing nothing. I am choosing to instead, pick up my broken pieces, let the Lord join them together with pure gold, so that I may use my hurts to help others. It is truly through my hurts that the glory of the Lord is seen. Thus giving me more beauty and value than ever before.