There are too many walls in this world between those whom have autism and those who don’t. I hope to create a bridge of understanding. When I look at Temple Grandin and the amazing work she has done in terms of autism, I am both in awe and challenged. Being in awe is obvious. Having been non-verbal for such a long time as a child, and now, not only does she speak, but she is a voice for many in the autism community. I am challenged because, having autism myself, and having a deeper and articulate understanding of it, I feel that I owe it to those without a voice or understanding of how and why they are different, to build that bridge. I am not the only one working to build this bridge. There are copious amounts of people, who identify as autistic, and have dedicated their lives to building this bridge and no one even knows their name.

One of the blessings of having autism as a mom is that I understand my kids who have autism. I often wonder how moms who don’t have autism are able to relate deeply with their autistic children. I’m sure by educating themselves, they are given understanding that is helpful. I have found that most books written to parents of autistic children are written by medical doctors. I know they have studied incredibly long and hard. But there are so many lessons about everything in life that can’t be learned from text books.